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Coach accused of drinking beer around students

WESLEY CHAPEL, Fla.  (ABC) – When Corey Gray heard that his former baseball coach had stepped down from the Wiregrass Ranch High School baseball team, he was nearly speechless.

“My whole heart just dropped.  It just wasn’t a good thing to know,” said Gray, who just graduated from Wiregrass Ranch in June.  He credited Jeff Swymer with providing support for his players both on and off the field.

“I started tearing up a little bit because it got me devastated.  He just helped me out so much in the last four years,” Gray said.

Swymer resigned as coach after he was told he could be suspended for a year because he drank beer in front of the players during a tournament in Ft. Lauderdale  in March.  It’s against school district policy for teachers or coaches to consume alcohol around students.

“There was an anonymous email to the school telling them that he had been consuming alcohol while students were present,” said Linda Cobbe, spokeswoman for the Pasco County school district.  The incident happened at a bowling alley when Swymer was acting as a chaperone.

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  1. Omg really? He drank a BEER in front of 16-18 year olds. Wow, crime of the century. Gimme a break. These are kids that probably see their parents have a beverage or 2 at home all the time. There were other kids parents there, and he wasn’t driving any of them. The real story here is the person who was such a coward that they had to remain anonymous. What this story isn’t telling you is that the tip came from a parent who’s kid didnt see playing time. They know who it was .. If they had a problem, why have to hide about it. It offends me more that they had to do it this way, than it does for the coach drinking a beer. And, shame on you Pasco County School District for the suspension that was to be handed down before the resignation came, without as much as a hearing.. And letting the man say his piece. From what I understand, this man is a good coach, as well as person.

  2. This news saddens me and my family. My son is an incoming Junior at WRHS and has played for Swymer for 2 years on his JV baseball team. He is a great coach who creates winning teams. He was also joining the football coaching staff for this season, which we all know has been a struggling program the past few years. He was an asset to that team as well. My son plays Varsity football and sees this resignation (by force) as an incredible loss. Teenage boys have seen beer before, heavens , they may even see it from their PARENTS… Come on !!! This is clearly some sort of vendetta that a parent has with Coach Swymer and it is hurting a lot of people . If it is due to your child not getting playing time, make the child better at baseball by providing further lessons, instruction, what have you. Dont take it out on a good person and great coach. That’s just cowardice, plain and simple.

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