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Man steals car, crashes, fights with Deputies, and gets sprayed and tased in Wesley Chapel

A 29-year-old Land O’ Lakes man remained behind bars Wednesday following a weekend crime spree that began with a vehicle theft and ended with a crash and a fight with deputies in Wesley Chapel.

The incident that led to the arrest of Paul Jeremiah Brock of 4511 Land O’ Lakes Blvd. began before noon May 26 when Brock is accused of stealing and crashing a car in the area of Woodsman Drive in Wesley Chapel.

Brock, according to a Pasco County arrest affidavit, took the victim’s vehicle and crashed it in the same area. Brock, who was positively identified by the victim and a neighbor, then returned to the scene as a passenger in another person’s Ford F150 pickup truck, the affidavit said.

The deputy investigating the auto theft and crash was informed of Brock’s return and flagged down the truck, the report said.

By this time, another deputy arrived on the scene and the two proceeded to give the men in the truck commands to show their hands. The driver listened, but Brock, the report said, “refused to comply.”

With a deputy on each side of the truck, Brock then slid over and tried to put his foot on the gas pedal. When he discovered the truck was off, “Paul (Brock) then reached over and attempted several times to start the vehicle, but the driver was fighting him to stop,” the report said.

One deputy used his tazer on Brock to no avail. The deputies were eventually able to pull him from the car, but Brock started to “fight and wrestle both deputies,” the report said.

At one point, Brock tried take one deputy’s gun and did get his hands on the other’s service radio.

The deputies ended up using pepper spray on Brock and were able to hold him on the ground until more backup arrived.

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