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4.9 Million Dollar Tennis Center Under Construction

Great news for tennis enthusiasts in Wesley Chapel. Just minutes away, construction is set to begin on a new facility.

Bay New 9 Reports: After years of planning that included a location change, work is underway on the $4.9 million Sarah Vande Berg Tennis Center on Simons Road.

“It’s a game-changer, we feel,” said Zephyrhills Development Director Todd Vande Berg. “It’s just another opportunity. We’re already known for water internationally, skydiving internationally, and now, with the operator/manager we’re bringing in, he’s kind of known nationally and internationally. So, we’re going to have national, international tennis players coming here to train.”

The 7,400-square-foot facility is being built on 8.25 acres of land and will include 11 tennis courts, one of which will be an exhibition court, eight pickle ball courts, and four padel courts. It will also feature a restaurant, pro shop, and fitness center. Officials already anticipate it will be a site for U.S. Tennis Association tournaments.

“It’s going to have a huge economic impact. Pasco County at large is looking to become a sports destination with the hockey and the office of tourism, some of the branding that they’re doing. We’re just going to add to that opportunity,” Vande Berg said.

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