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Check your cars! Car burglars strike Wesley Chapel overnight...

WESLEY CHAPEL, FL- Residents of Wesley Chapel, Florida are on high alert following a recent trend of car burglaries in the area. The most recent incidents occurred last night between 3-4am, and involved thieves targeting unlocked cars to steal valuables such as money, keys, weapons, and other items. The suspects (one from last night pictured below) are believed to be younger males dressed in dark colors with clothing or masks covering their faces.

See link to a burglary last night in Northwood Sub-Division:

In the past according to authorities, these burglars are not believed to be from the area, and have been known to come from nearby cities such as St Petersburg, Clearwater, and Tampa. In the past, they have specifically targeted unlocked vehicles, and have been known to return to the scene of the crime if they find spare keys or other valuable items.

Unfortunately, this trend of car burglaries is not new to Wesley Chapel, and residents are being reminded to take precautions to protect themselves and their property. The best practices include keeping your car locked, leaving porch lights on, and installing security cameras. In addition, it is recommended that residents avoid leaving valuables in their vehicles, and to always keep spare keys in a secure location.

It is important for residents to understand that these crimes are preventable. By taking a few simple steps to secure their property, they can greatly reduce the risk of becoming a victim of these burglaries.

It is important for residents to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to local authorities. By working together, we can help keep our community safe and prevent further burglaries from occurring.

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I would never want to witness such things, but things happen. But if you do witness something terrible, you should know how to proceed, check out An informant is usually the first or only witness to these crimes and becomes a vital part of the case.


Burglars mostly target your cars at night but you can secure your car by adding security systems in your car. Also, park your car in front of your CCTV so that you can keep an eye on everything. You can use a locksmith install high security systems for your car security.

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