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Connected City (Plan for Pasco County)

The Connected City Corridor is a State-initiated pilot program that is unique to Pasco County, and will be the first planned community to be built from the ground-up with a fiber network that will provide the fastest Gigabit internet service in the country. The Gigabit internet service will be made available to all residents, businesses, and institutional users in the Connected City, and become a catalyst to attract start-up technologies and other businesses to locate here, thus generating high-paying jobs to Pasco County residents, while also providing a unique, contemporary lifestyle for those who choose to reside in this masterplanned mixed-use suburban and urban design setting.

The new community will be situated in a special planning area generally located between Wesley Chapel and San Antonio, bordered by SR 52 on the north, Overpass Road on the south, I-75 on the west, and Curley Road on the east. Pasco County was approached by Metro Development Group in 2014 with the idea of creating the Connected City and the discussions of the boundary focused around the vicinity bounded by Interstate 75, State Road 52, Curley Road (as the Western boundary of the Page 2 of 9 Villages of Pasadena Hills) and Overpass Road. These basic boundaries severed a couple of existing entitled properties (Epperson Ranch and Meadow Ridge) that spanned both sides of Curley Road and Overpass Road. For more efficient planning purposes and to ensure compatibility, the Connected City boundary was expanded to incorporate the full extent of these two developments. As plans for economic development through high technology within the Connected City became more feasible, the undeveloped portions of the existing industrial park located north of State Road 52 were also included into the boundary. The current boundary was certified on July 15, 2015 by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.

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Below find a conceptual plan that will show you the Direction that the Wesley Chapel area will go in the near future:

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