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Could legal action force a connection Pasco and Hillsborough (Kinnan Rd to Mansfield Blvd)?

A blank space of about 40 feet is all that separates Wesley Chapel and New Tampa. Many of you know of the famous dead end which has “divided” residents of both communities for some time.

In the past, Pasco County has demanded that in order to connect the community, Hillsborough and Tampa must help upgrade the roadways and intersections in Pasco County to handle the expected increase in traffic. Disputes over this topic have led to Pasco County placing a blockade at the intersection and it has set as a dead end for years now.

Well, now a Hillsborough County Commissioner is seeking legal advice to see if he can utilize Hillsborough Counties power of eminent domain to force the connection. It is unclear as of now but according to a local Civil Planning attorney, is possible that a judge could order the connection if Hillsborough County could prove the necessity just as any other City or County could take land from a citizen if it was needed for future development.

Pasco County Commissioner Mike Moore said that the idea of legal action such as Eminent Domain is ridiculous.

According to our polls in the past, Wesley Chapel residents are split on the issue.

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