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False Security Alarm Calls May Result in Serious Fines

According to Sheriff Chris Nocco, “Over the last year, the Pasco Sheriff’s Office responded to 17,150 alarm calls. Of those calls, approximately 80% were false alarms. The Pasco Sheriff’s Office is utilizing significant time and resources responding to the false alarm calls, taking away deputies who could be protecting citizens in other ways.

Sheriff Nocco tells us that the average resident will be responsible for an alarm call once every 26 years. However, there are a few locations which generate the most false alarms. One location in particular has generated 187 alarms calls in the past year alone. These are the locations that will be impacted by this ordinance and the false alarm activity we are working to stop.”

A proposed ordinance will require all homeowners and business owners to register their alarm systems with the Pasco Sheriff’s Office (for free) and provide their contact information.

Fines for Not Registering Alarm Systems or Providing Accurate Contact Info to Sheriff’s Office

  1. Failure to register alarm system – $50

  2. Failure to update registration info (contact info) – $50

  3. Failure to respond to premises within 2 hours of notification of alarm – $100

Fines for False Alarms on Systems Registered with Sheriff’s Office:

  1. 1st False Alarm (Registered System) – Warning

  2. 2nd False Alarm (Registered System)- Warning

  3. Third False Alarm (Registered System) – $50

  4. Fourth False Alarm (Registered System) – $100

  5. Fifth False Alarm (Registered System) – $200

  6. Sixth False Alarm (Registered System) – $400

  7. Seventh or Subsequent False Alarm (Registered System) – $500

Fines for False Alarms on Systems Not Registered with Sheriff’s Office:

  1. 1st False Alarm (Unregistered System) – $100

  2. 2nd False Alarm (Unregistered System)- $200

  3. Third False Alarm (Unregistered System) – $400

  4. Fourth or Subsequent False Alarm (Unregistered System) – $500

County leaders will vote on the ordinance at the next commission meeting in August.

More Information:

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Jack Henderson
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