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Florida’s Extreme Weather Poses Danger to Your Landscape Investment


From the Desk of Four Seasons Lawn Care

You may not even know it, but…your lawn may be in DANGER due to upcoming extreme weather! Rising temperatures and irregular rainfall will cause your lawn to be susceptible to the following:

– Pythium blight (moldy pathogens that like our warm weather)– Invasive weeds such as broadleaf weeds and nutsedge– Brown blight– Copper spots– White patches (powdery mildew)– Slime mold or gray snow mold– Yellow patches– Rust fungus (pests LOVE this disease)– Spring dead spots

Plus, grubs, beetles, and other unwanted insects can do serious, irreparable damage to an unhealthy lawn and your plants. But since every landscape is different, it can be difficult to know what you really need, and what might cause more harm than good. That’s why it’s so important to have a certified professional do a complete check-up before anyone starts taking care of your lawn, trees, shrubs and palms.

Our Services – Your Choice

Your services start with our free consultation. It’s not your typical free estimate, but a comprehensive assessment of your lawn care situation. We want you to fully understand the current condition of your landscape and your treatment options, so you can make an informed decision about the types of fertilization, pest control, and tree and shrub care services that are needed for your particular situation. We love educating our customers about the latest treatments available. Interested in Organic? Watch our latest video, “Why We Use Organic Products to Benefit Your Lawn” to learn how our treatments positively impact the soil and our environment.

We only use high quality fertilizers that meet our standards to maintain lawn health and support growth. We protect your lawn, trees and shrubs from harmful fire ants, bugs and nuisance pests. Four Seasons Lawn Care monitors precise levels of nutrients using a combination of granular and liquid applications to maintain optimum health and prevent widespread damage. We also specialize in palms! Enjoy your landscaping investment more with our complete care services.

Our Approach – How Four Seasons Lawn Care is Different

Just like maintaining good health in humans, finding and diagnosing problems with your lawn, trees, shrubs and palms at an early stage is far, far better than overlooking or ignoring the problems until it’s too late for an effective treatment. Because when your lawn gets sick, it can spread quickly, rapidly destroying your grass, plants and even infecting your neighbors’ lawns.

You need an expert – a specially-trained, highly-experienced company who will:

1. Perform an on-site visual inspection for health problems or other damage2. Diagnose the problems that are found3. Determine the possible cause(s)4. Prescribe any necessary remedies or treatments5. Take the appropriate action6. Monitor the results

As a Florida native who has spent 25 years taking care of Tampa-area lawns, trees, shrubs and palms, we have the local expertise to meet all your landscaping needs. Watch our About Us video to learn more about Four Seasons Lawn Care and our experienced and knowledgeable approach to protecting Wesley Chapel’s most healthy and beautiful landscapes.

Contact us today to book your free consultation and learn how you can get the most from your landscape investment with our personalized care program. We’ve taken care of thousands of lawns and we’d love the opportunity to take care of yours!

Michael White, Owner, Certified Fertilization and Pest Control Professional813-681-1640 •

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