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Land O' Lakes Area Set for Major Infrastructure Upgrade: Ridge Road Extension Project

Pasco County, FL – In a significant move to enhance local infrastructure, the Pasco County Commissioners are poised to make a pivotal decision that will shape the future of transportation in the area. On February 6th, the Commissioners will cast their votes on whether to award Cone & Graham, a renowned construction firm, an $85 million contract for the extension of Ridge Road from N Sunlake Blvd to US41, with an anticipated completion date in the fall of 2026.

This ambitious project aims to construct a 4-lane divided roadway equipped with a 5-foot sidewalk, a 12-foot multi-use pathway, and 5-foot bike lanes, ensuring a safer and more accessible route for both pedestrians and cyclists. Additionally, the plan includes the construction of a new bridge over the CSX railway, enhancing connectivity and traffic flow across the region. To support the community's utilities infrastructure, a 24" water main and a 20" reclaim water main are also part of the project, promising improved services for residents.

The decision to move forward with Cone & Graham came after a rigorous evaluation process, as detailed in a memo obtained from the Board of County Commissioners. The selection process saw a wide interest from potential bidders, with two firms making it to the final consideration. After thorough deliberation, Cone & Graham emerged as the preferred contractor, recommended for their expertise and capability to deliver this large-scale project.

The Ridge Road extension is not just a roadway project; it's a testament to Pasco County's commitment to sustainable growth and enhanced living standards for its residents. With a total estimated cost of $92 million, the project is set for funding through a blend of mobility fees, grants, and utility funds, ensuring a solid financial foundation without overburdening the local community.

As West Pasco County looks towards a future of improved infrastructure and connectivity, residents are encouraged to stay informed about this and other local developments. For the latest updates, insights, and more on how this project will impact the community, visit the West Pasco Community Website at or connect with us on our social media pages on Facebook at and X at

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Hana Min
Hana Min
Feb 23

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