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Meadow Pointe 2 CDD Meeting Turns Violent

Video: ABC Action News

The Meadow Pointe 2 CDD Meeting last Wednesday was anything but calm. Residents angry about the CDD’s decision regarding gated sections of Meadow Pointe came out to voice their thoughts.

At some point in the meeting, the Chairman of the Meadow Pointe 2 CDD lost his cool. He can be seen on video reacting to being told that the board was behaving like “Nazis”. His reaction involved lunging from his seat at the front of the meeting and singling out a resident. Words and profanities were exchanged, and then CDD Chairman Micheal Cline attacked the resident lunging at him only to be pulled back by other Meadow Pointe Residents.

Pasco County Sheriff’s Deputies were called and reports state that charges are being considered by the State Attorney’s Office against Cline.

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