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More Unlocked Car Burglaries in Seven Oaks, Wesley Chapel


Suspect Vehicle from Burglaries in Seven Oaks

More unlocked car burglaries in Seven Oaks in Wesley Chapel. When will folks start to lock their car doors?

“PASCO SHERIFF –  Surveillance video from a residence on Firebush Drive shows a white male walking east on Firebush Drive around 0340 hours on 06/18/16. The male tries 2 door handles across the street from the residence with cameras with negative results. The male then walks towards the residence with cameras but quickly turns and continues east once he seems to discover the cameras. A few seconds later, a white newer model 4 door (possibly Dodge Charger) is seen slowly driving down the road and appears to be following the suspect. The suspect appears to be a white male wearing a backwards hat, light shirt, shorts and shoes. 

Another residence’s surveillance video shows headlights off in the distance at 0350 hours coming from the area where the first camera was located. The headlights are then turned off at the intersection before the vehicle comes into camera view. You can see a subject approach a vehicle. A subject then walks to the east side of the cul da sac and disappears from camera view. A few seconds later, (2) subjects can be seen walking back towards the area where the headlights were previously.

If you have information on a reported or suspected crime, please contact either the Pasco Sheriff’s Office Crime Tips Line at 1-800-706-2488 or click here:

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