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New Interchange coming to I75 and State Road 56

You may remember we first posted this story back in August of 2015 (“Diverging Diamond” intersection to solve SR56 Traffic Problems?). Well the plan is moving forward quicker than originally planned.

This $18.5 million project to redesign the intersection of Interstate 75 at State Road 56 wasn’t supposed to start until 2024. But because the need is so great, officials got moved up to 2018. One of the main concerns is the new outlet mall which seems to have brought traffic to a standstill along State Road 56 at times.

Since most of the land around the intersection has been sold, larger ramps seem out of the question. This new concept of a Diverging Diamond Intersection is the solution being pursued.

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There will be some construction headaches once the work starts. According to FDOT, the project will start in 2018 and is slated to take two years.

Here is a sample of how the intersection works from FDOT:

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