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New Publix Coming to Wiregrass Ranch Blvd in Wesley Chapel

WESLEY CHAPEL - Residents of Wesley Chapel can look forward to a new Publix opening on Wiregrass Ranch Blvd, just south of SR54. This new location will replace the existing Publix at State Road 54 and Bruce B. Downs, which is part of an older and less-performing plaza.

The upcoming Publix promises a modern design that will align with the upscale appearance of the Wiregrass area. It will be located across the street from the Wesley Chapel Walmart between the area In addition to the main grocery store, the plaza will feature a Publix Liquor and several other retail tenants. There will also be room for further expansion, offering opportunities for additional stores to join the plaza in the future.

The construction is expected to take approximately one year, with the new Publix and its accompanying stores slated to open their doors in 2025.

Stay updated on this and other local news by visiting the Wesley Chapel Community Website at, and follow us on Facebook, X, and Instagram for the latest developments.

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