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New (Slightly Higher) Water/Utilities Rates in Wesley Chapel

Beginning October 1, 2018, Pasco County Utilities (PCU) customerswill see nominal rate increases in their monthly water, wastewater and reclaim water bill.

Customers can view a listing of new rates and charges online at—FY19.

As a department of Pasco County Government, PCU uses funding to maintain, repair and replace water, wastewater and reclaim water transmission and distribution systems.

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“Utility rates and charges ultimately benefit the citizens of Pasco County through improved infrastructure and services,” said Pasco County Utilities Customer Service Director Sandra Anderson.

A four-year rate schedule went into effect October 1, 2017, with changes adopted from a Cost-of Service Rate Study performed by an independent contractor. During this study, Pasco County was found to be one of the lowest-cost service providers for a typical user.

The full Cost of Service Rate Study is available online and includes projected annual adjustments to service rates, fees and charges.For more information about services provided by Pasco County Utilities, please visit:

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