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Organic Based Lawn Spraying & Mosquito Control

SPONSORED: Bee Green Lawn Care was started with the focus on treating our associates, our customers, and our vendors the best we can and still turning a profit while bringing a service to the market place that can change an industry that has not really changed since inception. In doing that we have an Ecological impact that will help improve our environment. For Every average signed lawn we treat for a year we remove 40 pounds of Nitrates and 35 ounces of Concentrated herbicides/pesticides from our environment while still providing green healthy landscapes.

-Question: What does Bee Green Lawn Care?Answer: Bee Green Lawn care offers organic based lawn spraying and shrub spraying services such as fertilization, weed control and other lawn issues.

-Question: When we think of lawn care we think of mowing, landscaping, sod installation, so you do not offer those services? Why?Answer: No we not offer any other services for now except for 100% Organic Mosquito Control. We do not provide other services because we believe in focusing on being really good at one service thing rather the okay in several. By focusing on the spraying , our equipment, training, people are all focused on just this service.

Quiestion: On your logo it says “Soli Deo Gloria” what does it mean?Answer: It means “Glory to God Alone” and it’s a constant reminder to us that all the praise for what we do should be for God. We are a Christian owned/Kingdom business and our values, how we do business is deeply rooted in the bible and God. It guides us in our business decisions and we believe that the praise for the successes should be given to God not us.

Question: Organic Based Lawn Spraying? What does that mean?Answer: Our organic based program is just that, Organic based. The main portion is a 100% organic compost Tea, that’s DNA coded that contains over 800 live bacteria, protozoa, and fungi. This introduces organics back into our soil that we are missing. It is like probiotics for your soil.

Question: Why your soil?Basically we focus on fixing the soil, by fixing the soil we fix how everything grow in it. The focus on the soil allows us to reduce the use of of Pesticides/Herbicides by over 70% and synthetic fertilizers by over 50%. That is to start as we fix the soil, everything growing in that soil grows better and the grass and plants uptake inputs more efficiently.

Question: So is it safe for pets and people.Absolutely! Imagine still having a green vibrant landscape utilizing over 70% less inputs. If its not being out down on the ground your pets and children will never be exposed to it.

Question: So beyond the organic based program/less chemicals what makes your service different then the other lawn spraying companies:Answer: Organic based is a huge difference between us and other companies, but its not the only one. Our service is all inclusive which means it includes insect control (like Chinch bug), fungus control, and we soil test every lawn when we start service. You will never receive calls trying to see you on bug chinch bug control or fungus, its all part of taking care of your lawn. The soil test tells us exactly where your lawn is at because how else can we tell whats going on in the dirt if we do not test it!! We also have other great features available for our customers.

Question: So the Mosquito Control is 100% organic?Answer: Yes it is 100% organic, it is a garlic and corn oil based and is 100% organic. It treats both Adult Mosquito and Larvae laying in water ,it also helps kill ticks by suffocating them. No harsh chemicals no need for staff to wear breathing masks, its 100% safe as has the effectiveness of chemical based Mosquito Control.

Final Question: What areas do you service: Answer: We service all of Pinellas County, Southern Pasco( Wesley Chapel/Surrounding Areas and south), Hillsborough County) We do have some limitations if a home is too big or is out somewhere we don’t have customers close.

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