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Pasco County Approves Low Speed Vehicles/Golf Carts in New “Connected City” area

The Pasco County Board of County Commissioners have voted to allow “Low Speed Vehicles, Golf Carts, and Autonomous Vehicles” in the new Connected City. Click here to view the new ordinance..

Located in Pasco County and in partnership with Metro Development Group, the Connected City is a new city under development that will be connected by technology, imagination and endless possibilities. Built from the ground up on a framework of the fastest internet and WiFi speeds available, the Connected City is positioned to be the absolute best place imaginable for a true 21st century live-play-work model.

In an area that was pre-designated for economic growth and development, the Connected City is focused on the next-generation experience of its residents. This is not simply rooftops, streets and commerce, this is Smart Homes, autonomous vehicle paths and a business core designed to attract and support the best and brightest.

Want to learn more about Pasco County’s Connected City? Click Here.

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