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Pasco County issues Mandatory Mask Order

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Beginning on June 25th, 2020 at 5PM, anyone inside a business or in a government facility is required to wear a mask in Pasco County. This order is similar to the one issue by the City of Tampa, Hillsborough County, and St. Pete earlier this week.

Pasco County Face Covering Order Requirements:

  1. Face coverings should cover nose and mouth

  2. Order applies to all businesses and county government facilities open to the public

  3. Businesses must ensure compliance with this Order

  4. Businesses in violation of this Order could face a fine of up to $250

The order in Pasco County has some exceptions that say masks do not have to be worn:

  1. While eating or drinking

  2. While working out

  3. By kids under 2 years old

  4. First Responders and Emergency Responders (their own agencies policy applies).

  5. Other exceptions listed in the order (below)

The Pasco County School Board said Tuesday the order will not affect students in public schools, but masks will be required for school employees and visitors. Pasco schools are expected to resume in August.

If you live in Pasco County and would like a free face mask, you can pick one up at a public library, the Pasco County Tax Collector’s office, or the West Pasco County Government Center.

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