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Pasco Firefighters Rescue Man from Hole in Wesley Chapel

Wesley Chapel via PCFR – On July 23 2018 3:45 PM Pasco County Fire Rescue received a 911 call of a worker trapped in a trench at the corner of Old Pasco Road and Quail Hollow in Wesley Chapel.

When Firefighters first arrived, they reported an adult male construction worker trapped in a collapsed trench with water near his chin and rising.

Firefighters immediately started rescue efforts by stopping the flow of water from a nearby drainage ditch into the hole by shoveling sand to make a makeshift dam stopping the water from flowing into the trench.

Command was established, and specialized teams from Pasco County Special Operations and Hillsborough County Fire Rescue trench rescue teams were called to assist. Vacuum trucks were also called to the scene to remove the sand and water from the trench.

Firefighters shored the side of the trench to prevent further collapse, and a track hoe that was near the trench was secured preventing it from falling into the trench.

Firefighters used vacuum trucks, shovels, and water to break apart the sand the worker was trapped in freeing him in approximately two hours and twenty-two minutes.

The conscious and alert patient was transported by medical helicopter

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