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Premier Tutoring Center in Wesley Chapel

SPONSOREDLocated in the Windfair Professional Center, Dr. JRo Education is a Consulting and Tutoring service offering a carefully selected set of educational services for middle and high school students. The Tutoring Center offers individualized and small group tutoring in academic subjects, SAT, ACT, and AP Test Prep, College Essay Writing, and College Admissions Consulting. Founded by Dr. Jennifer Ro, an educator with over 25 years of experience in the schools and universities, the Tutoring Center provides visitors a different experience from other tutoring companies. Soft music travels through the halls and the private classrooms for one-to-one and small group learning and the Homework Café. Students lounge in various areas of the Center to work at their own pace. Here, students will feel at ease and develop lasting study habits that will carry them beyond their high school years.

This summer, students have been hard-at-work in the summer SAT Short Courses. Tutors with content expertise teach the individual and small group sessions and learning is tracked continuously through bi-weekly simulated tests and other forms of assessments. Results are analyzed to adjust instruction. Therefore, tutoring is truly personalized for each student. With two more weeks of the summer program to go, students have already made marked improvements in their test performances.

As the 2018-2019 school year approaches, Dr. JRo Education’s Tutoring Center will continue to expand their programs and offer Math, Reading, and Academic Writing Enrichment Classes, SAT and ACT Test Prep Classes, AP Test Prep Classes, and College Admissions Essay Workshop. A monthly membership to the Homework Café offers a stimulating space with free WiFi and refreshments for students to work afterschool and weekends. The Center also offers seminars by experts in various education topics. This month, a web seminar on the College Admissions Process will be offered. Since seats are limited, contact the Center if you are interested.

Academic success is not about just grades and test scores. Timely tutoring has the power to assist students and families to minimize the confusion, frustration, lack of interest, and low self-esteem that can result from negative educational and testing experiences. Dr. JRo Education is ready to be an effective partner in your teen’s education. Contact the Center for more information about their programs: 813-536-0729,, and follow on Facebook:

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