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Seven Oaks Community Opposes Developers Attempt To Rezone Clubhouse Parcel to Commercial Property

Residents of the Seven Oaks Community in Wesley Chapel are quite upset about an attempt by their community’s developer, Crown Community Development, to rezone land adjacent to the community clubhouse and use it for commercial purposes.

Many residents have long believed the land that currently serves as a natural area and a construction office would be part of the clubhouse facility when the developer left the community. Meeting records show that discussions with the developer in the past were met with limited success to work out any deals.

According to the resident’s facebook page, “Crown is attempting to get their office building next to the clubhouse re-zoned to commercial. They also want to build 2 more office buildings on that land.”

Residents have held meetings and are trying to work to block this move. They cite reasons such as increased traffic around their community, limited parking at their already busy clubhouse, and other issues.

We sent an email to Crown Community Development via their website requesting comment, but received no response as of the time this article was posted.

According to the group, there are two meetings coming up on 11/30 and 12/12 at the Dade City courthouse where the issue will come to Pasco County for consideration.

Here is a copy of the Public Notice:

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