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State Road 56 Extension should Alleviate Traffic Problems

The State Road 56 Extension Project is well underway. When completed in the coming months, State Road 56 will extend all the way to Morris Bridge Road.

Intersection of State Road 56 and Meadow Pointe Blvd in Wesley Chapel, Florida in early March 2018

When completed, officials believe the new roadway will reduce total traffic of the thousands of cars that currently clog up State Road 54 heading Eastbound each day. There is always a particular problem at Meadow Pointe Blvd and State Road 54. It is FDOT and Pasco County’s goal to reduce this congestion.

Other projects, including the widening of State Road 54 from Wesley Chapel to Zephyrhills and the reconfiguration of State Road 56 and Morris Bridge Road are moving along we well and should provide additional relief.

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