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Tunnel to Fix US41 and SR54 would cost half a billion dollars.

Land O’ Lakes – The Metropolitan Planning Organization, composed of Pasco County Commissioners, Mayors of various Pasco County cities, and other advisors, commissioned a study a few years ago to look at options to fix the intersection of Land O Lakes Blvd (US41) and State Road 54 (SR54). The intersection sees over 100,000 vehicles per day but is only really suited for much less.

One idea, build a tunnel allowing the roads to cross each other without stopping straight traffic. But at a meeting last week, the MPO found out that this option is way more expensive than any other idea. The study concluded that it would likely cost over $500,000,000 to construct such a redesigned intersection and several years. It is unlikely there would be enough funding for such a project.

Less popular options (but more cost-effective) are still being considered such as an overpass, off ramps, etc. All of these options would involve the need to buy back land around the intersection from local businesses costing millions.

According to Pasco Commissioners, this is a top priority project that they want to get started as soon as possible.

Another major project, the intersection of I75 and State Road 56 is soon to begin construction to become the area’s first Diverging Diamond Intersection. Learn more here. View other major projects here.

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