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Wesley Chapel Boulevard Expansion to Begin This Year

WESLEY CHAPEL, Fla. — Pasco County officials have announced plans to expand a 3.5-mile stretch of Wesley Chapel Boulevard to six lanes. This project addresses the need for improved infrastructure due to the area's rapid growth.

Assistant County Engineer Panos Kontses explained that the first segment, from Pondside Drive to Magnolia Boulevard, will expand from two lanes to six lanes over 2.9 miles. The remaining segment, from north of Magnolia Road to Old Pasco Road, will add two lanes and a median to the existing four lanes over a 0.6-mile distance.

In addition to expanding the road, the project will introduce safer options for pedestrians, including a multi-use path, sidewalks, and bike lanes. A median will also be added to restrict left turns to specific locations, enhancing safety for all road users.

The need for this expansion became evident as traffic projections grew significantly. Originally estimated at 420 to 1,000 cars per day in 2008, the new regional transportation model in 2014 projected traffic volumes of 50,000 to 52,000 cars per day. This necessitated upgrading the plans from a four-lane to a six-lane road to accommodate the increased traffic.

Construction is set to begin in August and is expected to take approximately three years to complete, with a total cost of $95 million.

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There are no homes along Wesley Chapel Blvd, but there are on Old Pasco Rd, which is next (really in progress) to widen. Commissioners should be held libel personally for lost property values of these homes. There needs to be at least a one year moratorium on ALL building until we see the real damage to our community. Then there would be NO need to accomidate 50K cars per day. Vote accordingly in September.


Jun 16

True DAT Martha!!! Not just the commissioners tho, but also the "urban planners" who bought their degrees at Walmart🤣 . How embarrassing that now we look like a shabby Brandon. But guess what? We have bike paths🤣🤣🤣


So sad to see what Pasco County has become, especially Wesley Chapel. Rampant overdevelopment has ruined a once beautiful area.


The Pasco BOCC doesn’t care about anybody but themselves. They don’t care if peoples privacy and security are lost so long as they can line their pockets. Come to September we have an opportunity to vote some of them out make the most of that opportunity!

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