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Wesley Chapel Car Burglaries and Thefts Update (Video)

Wesley Chapel Burglary and Auto Theft Investigation (Posted to Pasco Sheriff Facebook):

During the early morning hours of 10/01/15, three vehicles were stolen out of the driveways of three Wesley Chapel residences. The investigators assigned to the case were able to prove the three thefts were related. On 10/02/15 a license plate reader attached to a repo tow truck captured the tag of one of the stolen vehicle within an apartment complex in South St. Petersburg.

The District 2 Property Crimes Unit was made aware of the situation, thus contacted St. Petersburg Police Department to request assistance in determining if the vehicle was still at the scene. SPPD responded back stating two of the three vehicles were located within the same apartment complex. However, the third vehicle was unaccounted for. The District 2 STAR Team, consisting of Deputy C. Chiavetta, Deputy R. Stevens, and Corporal R. Jones, responded to South St. Petersburg and worked with SPPD officers to conduct surveillance on the two vehicles with the hopes of observing suspects returning to the vehicles. While doing so, the third stolen vehicle entered the apartment complex, quickly retrieved something from one of the other vehicles and then left the scene. The driver of the vehicle was driving erratically especially after he realized he was being followed by law enforcement. The driver recklessly entered a neighboring apartment complex, crashed into some bushes and three black males fled the scene.

SPPD sent forensics technicians to the scene who collected fingerprints and swabbed for DNA. The STAR Team collected a receipt from Champs at Tyrone Square Mall for a pair of Nike sandals that were still in the vehicle. The time stamp on the receipt was 3:24 PM and the suspects were seen in the vehicle at 5:00 pm. The D2 STAR Team responded to Champs and was able to view the video of three black males who match the description of the males who fled the vehicle. The Pasco Sheriff’s Office is working closely with St Pete Police Department to get these males identified

If you have any information please call 1-800-706-2488.

Please see this statement from the Pasco Sheriff’s Office(Posted to Pasco Sheriff Facebook):

We continue to have a rash of auto burglaries and auto thefts in East Pasco in the subdivisions near the area of County Line Road and Bruce B. Downs Blvd. The suspect(s) are targeting unlocked vehicles and taking anything of value. They are also taking vehicles with the keys left in them or ones with the valet keys in the glove box. There have been burglaries/auto thefts on Thursday night/Friday morning, Friday night/Saturday morning and Saturday night/Sunday Morning. Residents in Hillsborough County and Tampa are experiencing the same type of thefts just across the county line.

You can deter much of this theft and prevent you or your family from becoming a victim by following our advice of “Keep What’s Yours, Lock Your Doors.”

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