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Wesley Chapel High School Receives Threats, Sheriff Says No Credible Danger

WESLEY CHAPEL, FL - Parents and students of Wesley Chapel High School experienced a tense afternoon after receiving word of a potential threat circulating on social media of a school shooting being planned. Numerous parents called the school and local authorities to report a student who was allegedly planning to carry out a shooting at the school tomorrow.

In response to the situation, the Pasco Sheriff's Office (PSO) has released a statement on their social media channels, addressing the concerns of the community. According to the statement, the PSO has conducted a thorough investigation of the rumor and has determined that there is no credible threat to the school.

The statement reads, "Pasco Sheriff’s Office is aware of a rumor of a potential threat involving a student bringing a weapon to Wesley Chapel High School tomorrow. PSO has thoroughly investigated this rumor, which was circulated through social media, and determined there is no threat to the school."

In an effort to reassure the community and maintain a secure environment for students and staff, the PSO has announced that they will be deploying additional law enforcement presence at the school tomorrow. The increased police presence is being implemented out of an abundance of caution.

The Pasco Sheriff's Office has also used this incident as an opportunity to remind students, parents, and guardians of the appropriate course of action when encountering potential threats or rumors of threats at a school. They encourage individuals to report such incidents directly to the authorities rather than sharing them on social media.

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