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Wesley Chapel Man Arrested for Armed Burglary Attempt (Video)

According to the Pasco Sheriff’s Office:

During the early morning hours of 12/5/17, the arrested male, James Pietracatella, was observed on video surveillance entering his neighbor’s back porch with several steak knives in a Wesley Chapel neighborhood. James attempted to gain entry into the home with one of the knives, but was unsuccessful. James then urinates on the porch. After relieving himself, James then sits on the victim’s patio furniture and smokes a cigarette while aligning his knives on the patio table. James makes another attempt to force entry into the home using a knife, but was unsuccessful. Occupying the home at the time of the incident was the victim’s two children, who were getting ready for school. When responding Deputies made contact with James a few hours later, he was wearing the same clothing from the incident. James would later confess to the incident when interviewed by Detective McGavock, of the Pasco Sheriff’s Office. James was under the influence of alcohol and claimed he committed the offense because he felt “mischievous”. James was arrested and is being held on $50,000.00 bond.

PS: This video was shot on a Nest Outdoor cam. A great and simple investment to keep your home safe.

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