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Wesley Chapel to Welcome Major Mixed-Use Development Including Children's Hospital

WESLEY CHAPEL, FL - The Wesley Chapel community in Pasco County is set to witness a significant transformation with the recent approval of a comprehensive mixed-use development plan by the Pasco County Commission. This ambitious project, situated at the northeast corner of McKendree and Overpass roads, promises to bring a plethora of amenities and services to the area, including a regional children's hospital, a hotel, and various residential, commercial, and office spaces.

The development, encompassing 176 acres within the Connected City Corridor, has been a subject of much anticipation and discussion among the residents. The Connected City initiative, a state-backed program initiated in 2015, aims to create a high-tech, job-generating hub offering diverse housing options and vibrant community spaces.

Key components of this development include:

  • 1,275 multi-family dwellings

  • 155,000 square feet of retail space

  • 150,000 square feet of office space

  • 250,000 square feet designated for medical offices

  • A 365,000-square-foot hospital

  • 250 hotel rooms

Clarke Hobby, representing All Children's Hospital, highlighted the significance of the hospital's decision to locate in Pasco County, marking it as a celebratory moment for the region.

However, the project has met with mixed reactions from local residents. Tonya Riddlesworth, a neighboring resident, voiced concerns during a public hearing about the project's potential impact on her property and lifestyle. Her worries include the added density of apartment homes, traffic congestion, and the compatibility of the new developments with the existing rural environment.

Jane Graham, an attorney hired by Riddlesworth and her husband, Patrick Gant, presented a series of legal arguments requesting a denial or delay of the rezoning. Graham pointed out flaws in the traffic study and inconsistencies with the county's comprehensive plan.

Addressing infrastructure concerns, Hobby emphasized the development agreement mandating road improvements by the developers prior to the commencement of the hospital and other projects. He reassured that the infrastructure would be adequately developed to support the new additions.

Commissioner Ron Oakley, representing the district including the hospital site, expressed enthusiasm for the project, particularly the arrival of the children's hospital. He anticipates that the influx of medical facilities will foster healthy competition, elevating the quality of healthcare services available to Pasco County residents.

While the project promises substantial benefits, such as enhanced healthcare facilities and increased property values, the commission and developers are tasked with addressing the concerns of the local community to ensure a harmonious integration of this significant development into the fabric of Wesley Chapel.

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