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Wiregrass Ranch Sports Complex Construction Update

Residents in Wesley Chapel will be happy to know that Pasco County’s 98,000 sq ft sports facility is now under construction. The new complex will be off Wiregrass Ranch Blvd near Estancia at Wiregrass.

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March 24th 2019 – View looking North from Lajuana Blvd, Wesley Chapel FL.©2019

The state-of-the-art 98,000+ square foot sports center features eight bio-cushioned hardwood regulation courts that can be utilized for basketball, volleyball, mixed martial arts, gymnastics, wrestling, soccer, futsal, cheerleading, dance and much more. The facility and amenities create a premier destination for local, regional and national competitions. Catering to players, coaches, referees, families, and fans looking for quality venues, the sports facility is the anchor draw for a community to capitalize on the growing amateur sports tourism market.

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March 24th 2019 – View looking west from Wiregrass Ranch Blvd, Wesley Chapel FL.©2019

For the local athletes, both young and old, the addition will provide more access to traditional court sports as well as exposure to the fitness center. The fitness center will be used for strength, speed, agility and flexibility training for amateur athletes in all sports. Studies show that children should be encouraged to develop all-round core strength and coordination up until approximately age 12 before they begin to focus on mastery in one single sport. The purpose of combining the court sport facilities alongside the fitness center is to develop each child holistically and lower their risk of injury.

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