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Complaints of speeding near Chester Tayler Elementary in Wesley Chapel

News Channel 8 recently ran a story about speeding in front of Chester Tayler Elementary School. According to their story (Speed Busters: Wesley Chapel) drivers were going almost double the speed limit in the school zone.

During their reporting, a Pasco Sheriff’s Office Deputy can be seen doing speed enforcement in the area by coincidence.

Did you know that speeding in a school zone can cost some serious money in fines?

  1. 1  –   5 miles over $154 Fine + Points6  –   9 miles over $154 Fine + Points10 – 14 miles over $304 Fine + Points15 – 19 miles over $404 Fine + Points20 – 29 miles over $454 Fine + Points30+      miles over $500-$1,000 Fine + Points + Suspension

Tell Us Below: Is there an area with a speeding problem around your community?

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