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Exciting Retail Development Coming to Wesley Chapel: Whole Foods and Lifetime Fitness to Anchor

Wesley Chapel, FL – In a significant boost to local retail and lifestyle options, a new retail development is set to rise on Bruce B. Downs Boulevard, just south of State Road 56, bringing with it premier destinations Whole Foods and Lifetime Fitness as anchor tenants. This promising project, set in the previously undeveloped area in front of Meadow Pointe 1 and directly across from the Target on Bruce B. Downs, marks a notable expansion in Wesley Chapel's retail landscape.

The development, as detailed in a pre-application site proposal submitted to the Pasco County Planning and Development Department, will sprawl across 169,000 square feet, encompassing six buildings that promise to blend seamlessly with the vibrant community vibe of Wesley Chapel.

Residents can look forward to not only a diverse shopping experience with the introduction of Whole Foods, known for its commitment to natural and organic groceries, but also an enhanced lifestyle offering through Lifetime Fitness, a premier health and fitness club designed to cater to the community's wellness needs.

This development is poised to become a cornerstone for community engagement and economic growth, offering new employment opportunities and serving as a gathering place for residents. It reflects the ongoing evolution of Wesley Chapel as a thriving area that values both community and convenience.

Stay tuned to the Wesley Chapel Community Website ( and follow our social media pages on Facebook (, X (, and Instagram ( for the latest updates on this exciting development and more local news. Engage with us, and be a part of the conversation shaping our community's future.

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So what about the entire eco system/ large pond full of gators, otters, protected nesting birds and a couple different large cats that are living there right now. This plan doesn’t show how the large pond that currently is there will be DESTROYED. Totally against this plan. As if we need more retail buildings lol. Not at the cost of the entire environment being displaced or injured.Please don’t destroy this place. Plenty of other places to build out here.


When is this rampant development going to end??

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