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Pasco Fire/Rescue Saves Fox in Wesley Chapel

From the PCFR Facebook Page –

<img class="lazyload" src="" align="right" src ="" > Pasco Fire Rescue values every life, and will work hard to protect it.

Recently Station 26 in Wesley Chapel noticed a fox wandering behind the station with a jar on his head. The station sprung into action trying to assist the animal, and get him back with his family.

Efforts to catch the fox were unsuccessful, and Firefighters from Station 26 called in a local animal rescue to assist.

Traps were set behind the station and the fox was captured.

The jar was removed from the fox head, medical attention was provided, and the fox was named miracle.

After he fox returned to health he was released back to his family.

Thank you to everyone involved who took time to help save this fox’s life.

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