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Protests, Crime, and Vandalism in Wesley Chapel

WESLEY CHAPEL - The nation is going through tough times. Against the backdrop of COVID-19, the events in Minneapolis surrounding the death of George Floyd have sparked a much needed national conversation about accountability, training, practices, and equal treatment in the Criminal Justice system of the United States. Although these events occurred over 1,500 miles away, they have very real impacts right here in Wesley Chapel.

To date, we have received over 100 messages alleging large protests, riots, break-ins and looting, etc in Wesley Chapel or the surrounding area. Very little of this seems to be substantiated. We have combed through hundreds of posts on local community groups and spoken to the Pasco Sheriff's Office and found that very few of these allegations had any merit or truth to them. There is inaccurate and misleading information being passed around like wildfire on social media and we need to address that as a community.

Facts about Wesley Chapel: The Wesley Chapel Community has seen some neighborhoods host night time candlelight vigils while others have organized moments of silence at their clubhouses. Small groups have gathered on a few corners to voice opinions and hold signs. These events have been calm and meaningful opportunities for our diverse community to voice their opinions and bring attention to important issues.

Unfortunately, we have also seen a small amount of criminal activity in our neighborhoods. From Seven Oaks to Meadow Pointe and even at some of our elementary schools.

We should hold our community to a high standard, and have meaningful discussions with our children and families about current events.

Although we have not heard of any confirmed instances of major rioting or looting in our communities, the possibility that the problems being seen in Tampa may move to Wesley Chapel or the surrounding area remains real. Too keep your home safe:

  • Keep your teenagers home at night. Pasco county requires that children under 18 be in their home by midnight each night year round, now is no different. Know where your kids are and who they are with.

  • Keep your car doors locked and remove your key fobs from your vehicles when not in use.

  • Ensure your garage door is closed at night and keep coach lights on at night to deter criminal activity around your home.

  • Keep an eye out and report vehicles that do not belong in your community (you have never seen them before).

  • Watch for large groups gathering in communities after hours.

  • Encourage your family and friends to report crime and suspicious activity to the Pasco Sheriff's Office at 727-847-8102.

We encourage members of the Wesley Chapel Community to voice their opinions, hold discussions, and engage in peaceful protests if so desired.

Let's all work together to encourage meaningful and factual discussions amongst the community, reduce the spread of unconfirmed information, and work together to keep our community safe.

Discuss this on the Wesley Chapel Community Facebook Group:

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