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Wesley Chapel Residents: Major Changes Ahead with Local Road's $22 Million Widening Project

Wesley Chapel, FL - Significant developments are underway on Old Pasco Road, marking a new chapter in our town's infrastructure and potentially altering daily commutes for many. In a concerted effort to enhance road safety and traffic flow, a major $22 million road widening project has begun, promising to reshape a key part of our local landscape.

This project, spearheaded by B.R.W. Contracting Inc., kicked off on January 8 and is expected to continue through August 2025. Spanning a 1.4-mile section from just south of Sonny Drive to north of Overpass Road, the project sits adjacent to Interstate 75, a vital artery for our community.

The project is not just about road expansion; it's a part of a more extensive plan to alleviate traffic congestion in Wesley Chapel. It complements the recently opened $64.4 million interchange at I-75 and Overpass Road, which started serving the community in early 2023. This new interchange, along with added lanes on Overpass Road from the interstate to Boyette Road, is a testament to our commitment to improving local traffic conditions.

But what exactly does this mean for Old Pasco Road? Residents can expect several upgrades, including:

  • The addition of two extra travel lanes.

  • A central median for safer vehicle movement.

  • A sidewalk and a multi-use path, enhancing pedestrian and cyclist safety.

  • Two new traffic signals at Lindenhurst Drive and Tampa Bay North 75 Business Park Driveway #3.

  • Installation of street lights, a new feature for this stretch of road.

These improvements are not only about easing traffic; they also reflect the growing needs of our community. The vicinity of Old Pasco Road is witnessing a surge in major real estate projects. Notably, the North Tampa Bay 75 Business Center, a 99-acre speculative warehouse, and a forthcoming facility from Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, set to open in 2028, are significant additions. Moreover, the Williams Acres neighborhood and Cypress Creek High School are also near this pivotal road project.

We understand that construction can bring temporary challenges. We encourage residents to stay informed about traffic changes and project updates by visiting our website,, and following us on our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. T

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29 févr.

As a Wesley Chapel resident, I'm both excited and curious about the upcoming road widening project. The thought of smoother traffic flow is a relief, but I hope it doesn't disrupt daily commutes too much. Nonetheless, the investment seems promising. On another note, I've been considering a mini tummy tuck Dubai, and with improved roads, traveling there for the procedure might become even more convenient. Looking forward to seeing the positive changes unfold!


28 janv.


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