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Wesley Chapel’s Lagoon Community (Epperson) Construction Update

The United States first “Crystal Lagoon” is scheduled to open in early spring 2018 in the Epperson community in Wesley Chapel.

The water, purchased from Pasco County’s utilities department, will stream through three separate four-inch hoses into the pool that measures more than six football fields long and four-fifths of a mile around. Metro will pump 250,000 gallons daily into the pool and plans to use water during off-peak consumption for the rest of the county’s water customers. Filling the lagoon is expected to take eight to 12 weeks, said Greg Singleton, Metro Development Group president.

Fifty-seven families already have moved into newly built homes in Epperson and Singleton attributed rapid sales to the Crystal Lagoon. He said one home-builder volunteered that it had doubled its sales expectations.

Crystal Lagoon announced in October it had hired Olympian Michael Phelps as its brand ambassador. Phelps is scheduled to attend the grand opening of the Epperson Crystal Lagoon, possibly in February.

Want to see the plans for the amenities and surrounding community?

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