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Law Enforcement involved Shooting in Wesley Chapel on I75 at Overpass

Updated Saturday at 1:00PM

WESLEY CHAPEL, FL - Early Saturday morning, a FHP trooper-involved shooting took place in the area of Overpass Road and I-75

Florida Highway Patrol Troopers engaged in a shootout with two men early Saturday morning in Wesley Chapel, which resulted in the death of one of the men and injury to a Trooper. The incident began when the Trooper on patrol came upon two pickup trucks with two adult males appearing to steal a second truck or items within the vehicle.

The men fled in their truck with the Trooper in pursuit, discharging a firearm at the Trooper and a tanker truck during the chase. The pursuit ended when a Trooper performed a PIT maneuver and the two men fled on foot.

One man surrendered, while the other engaged in a shootout with a Trooper, resulting in the death of the assailant and injury to the Trooper.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement, along with the Pasco and Hernando County Sheriff's Offices, are investigating the incident. The second assailant was transported to a hospital for medical care and charges against him are pending.

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