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New Traffic Signal Approved for Bruce B Downs Blvd and Eagleston Blvd

The northern entrance to Seven Oaks will have a new stop light installed next year. With a new senior living facility nearing completion and a new hospital planned, this will be a welcome addition.

The estimated cost for the design and construction of a new traffic signal and lighting at this intersection is $450,000.00. The Developer for the Seven Oaks Master Planned Unit Development was required to contribute funding towards the cost of the traffic signal at this location when traffic signal warrants were met in lieu of designing and constructing the traffic signal themselves. The Developer (Crown Development) has made a contribution of $370,000.00 towards the cost of this improvement. The balance of $80,000.00 will be paid by Pasco County.

County officials expect the design of this traffic signal to be completed in FY 2020, with construction in FY 2021.

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