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Crime Wave in Wesley Chapel Last Night

According to the website, there has been a crime wave in the Wesley Chapel Area over the last 48 hours.

The public website reports the following from last night (9/30-10/1) alone:

  1. Burglary Auto (Northwood)

  2. Theft Petit (On Bruce B Downs)

  3. Grand Theft Auto (Openfield Loop Meadow Pointe)

  4. Burglary Auto (Brokenmead Path Meadow Pointe)

  5. Burglary Auto (Glade Fern Ct Meadow Pointe)

  6. Grand Theft Auto (Crooked Stick Ct Meadow Pointe)

  7. Theft (Paseo Drive Wiregrass)

All of that is from just one night.

UPDATE: Statement from Pasco Sheriff’s Office:

Auto Burglaries and Auto Thefts in the area of Bruce B. Downs and County Line Road

Pasco Sheriff’s deputies are investigating numerous auto burglaries and stolen vehicles in the Meadow Pointe subdivision from last night.

Three vehicles were reported stolen from the Meadow Pointe One subdivision. They were parked on driveways on Openfield Loop, Crooked Stick Court, and Dawn’s Break Point. Keys were in the cars.

There were 12 auto burglaries in Meadow Pointe One on Openfield Loop, Brokenmead Court, and Glade Fern Court. All of the vehicles were parked in front of houses, and the vehicles had no forced entry (unlocked doors).

There were four auto burglaries in Northwood Palms, off Sea Breeze Way and Caladesi Drive. Again, the vehicles were unlocked in front of houses.

Finally, one auto burglary was reported in The Lakes at Northwood, off Yardley Drive. Again, the vehicle was unlocked in front of a house.

Possible suspects include three young males seen in area around 2:45 a.m. this morning when they were observed stealing one of the cars. Unknown direction of travel.

Citizens are urged to always remove any valuables from their vehicle(s) and always lock the vehicle doors. Anyone who may have any additional information about these crimes is asked to contact the Pasco County Public Safety Communications Center at 727-847-8102.

Anyone who has info to provide is asked to contact:

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