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Dirty Bins, Never Again!

We all know how stinky and grimy our trash cans get if we don’t clean them. And how many folks actually do a maintenance clean? Well, worry no more. Wesley Chapel’s new trash can cleaning business will come right to your curb. We come the same day as your trash pick-up so it’s convenient for the resident. We send a reminder text the day before we clean so you know to expect us.

The concept sounds odd to people, but these businesses have been in the UK for 2 decades. It’s only been in the last 5 to 6 years trash can cleaning businesses have been in the US. It’s novelty is what attracted me to start this business. It sounded crazy, but it made so much sense. Sanitation is ubiquitous in our society and that’s because we care there are so many disease causing germs out there. That’s why we wipe the cart handles down at the grocery store, why we try not to touch bathroom doors, or toilets.

We don’t just clean your bins, we sterilize and deodorize them. They will look brand new and smell free and odor free. The way we do it is simple, we have a big blue Scrub-A-Dub Truck that does the cleaning for us.

The truck has a state of the art hydraulic lift system with arms that grip the bins and lift and centered over brass heads that spin 360° blasting 190° water. That is the sanitation. Germs are now 99.9% eliminated. We also clean the outside of the bins. The lid and the handles get sanitized because that is the health benefit of trash can sanitizing. You touch the nasty handle but you risk carrying those germs into your home. Our other benefit is how eco-friendly our operation is. We use 100% biodegradable products. And all the dirty water created by cleaning your bin is cycled back into our truck. This is considered grey water and it needs to be disposed of at an EPA approved waste water treatment facility. There is no spillage of harsh chemicals into the storm drains which commonly occurs when a homeowner cleans with bleach or detergent. Residents cleaning their own bins is harmful to the environment and if you chose to use just a hose and broom you are not eliminating harmful bacteria, like E. coli, salmonella, and staphylococcus.

You’re probably wondering by now, how much is this going to cost? We have an introductory price of $6.70 per cleaning. The optimal time between cleanings to maintain the bin is every 4 weeks. We require a minimum of 3 visits each 4 weeks apart. For 3 cleanings you pay $20.10. Ordering annual service will give you 13 visits and a 10% discount making the cost $78.39. All service is paid in full after the first cleaning. Clients giving referrals that order service will get a free cleaning. We have a satisfaction guarantee.

I’m a retired pharmacist of 28 years. My 4 children have grown up and live away. Scrub-A-Dub is my new baby. I know I’ll help her grow and be successful. And I will be the lady behind the wheel of the big blue truck.

   – Author Jennifer Trudel

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