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Epperson Community to be First Crystal Lagoon “SmartTechnology”Community in USA

Epperson will be the name of the new Crystal Lagoon community in Wesley Chapel. It will be located off of Curley Road near Watergrass north of State Road 54. It will boast the fastest internet available, and a 7 acre Caribbean style lagoon with beaches.

Metro Development Group has partnered Crystal Lagoons, in order to create the United States’ first finished Crystal Lagoon community. The community, known as Epperson, is set to be surrounded by sandy beaches, stretches more than five football fields.


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A Crystal Lagoon is like an enormous seven acre swimming pool. The planned lagoon in Wesley Chapel, announced in 2014, will span 7.5 acres. It is currently under construction.

“People can swim and practice water sports, kayaking, sailing, paddle boarding,” said Uri Man, CEO of Crystal Lagoons U.S. Corp

The lagoon will initially use 14-15 million gallons of water. It will be filled slowly over 45 to 60 days.

About 2,000 homes will make up the rest of the planned community around the Crystal Lagoon. Houses start in the $200,000’s, with the lagoon as the community’s main amenity.

Home sales may begin as early as February 2017 and the Lagoon should be completed in late 2017.

Features for residents (From Metro):

Enjoy the numerous activities or simply enjoy the view. Already hugely popular throughout the world, we are excited to introduce Metro Lagoons by Crystal Lagoons. Epperson will be the first to feature this incredible, transformative amenity to the United States. At seven acres in size and with crystal clear blue waters, home owners will have an opportunity to live a coastal lifestyle steps away from their front door.

It is not always easy to identify the next big thing. We live in a world where there is constant advancement and a promise of the future. But amongst all the chatter an idea does take shape and that’s when you know. You know you are witnessing the next chapter of true innovation. With the successful launch of ULTRAFi, Metro Development Group has created the first and only residential environment with up to an incredible 1 Gigabit of speed throughout our neighborhoods and available inside every home. This exclusive technology sets the framework for the Connected City and will boast an environment of Smart Homes, Smart Businesses and the most advanced schools, hospitals, libraries and commerce imaginable. We are proud to announce this area has been designated the prestigious honor of the 1st “Smart Gigabit Community” in the country by US Ignite.

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