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Moffitt Cancer Center's Expansion to Pasco County

Moffitt Cancer Center is set to transform Pasco County into a global destination for cancer care, research, and innovation. The expansion will address the critical need for more space to deliver world-class care and accelerate lifesaving discoveries, as 45,000 Floridians are expected to succumb to cancer this year.

The Pasco campus, located at the intersection of Suncoast Parkway and Ridge Road Extension in Land O’ Lakes, will cover 775 acres and feature over 16 million square feet of research labs, light industrial and manufacturing spaces, general offices, and clinical facilities. This multiyear, multiphase project is expected to create approximately 14,500 jobs.

Metro Development Group and Lennar are collaborating with Moffitt on Angeline, the surrounding 6,000-acre mixed-use master-planned community. The community will include potential synergies such as researchers collaborating with students at a STEM magnet school, and a focus on building a wellness community with fitness trails and recreation areas. These amenities will benefit those who live and work on campus, as well as cancer patients and survivors, all supported by a robust digital infrastructure for high-speed connectivity.

In January, Pasco County commissioners approved a $25 million incentive agreement to support the construction of infrastructure for road connections. This support is crucial as Moffitt's patient numbers are projected to surpass 100,000 by 2026, and the existing hospital is operating at near-full capacity daily.

Dr. Patrick Hwu, Moffitt’s President and CEO, emphasized the urgent need for the expansion, stating that Moffitt’s Pasco campus will be essential in meeting the growing demand for cancer care. The expansion will ensure that Moffitt remains at the forefront of cancer prevention, treatment, and research.

Pasco Campus: By the Numbers

  • 775 acres at the intersection of Suncoast Parkway and Ridge Road Extension

  • 14,500 jobs

  • 16 million square feet for research labs, light industrial and manufacturing, general offices, and clinics

  • $25 million incentive agreement to support infrastructure

The basic infrastructure for the site is already being developed, and millions of dollars are being invested in the area. Pasco County eagerly anticipates the completion of this transformative project.

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