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Multiple Bear Sightings Recently in Wesley Chapel Area

Residents up and down I75 in Wesley Chapel have called 911 to report black bear sightings.

FWC (The states Wildlife Law Enforcement Agency) has confirmed that it has been contacted by the Pasco Sheriff’s Office and received complaints of bear sightings several days in the first week of November 2017.

The sightings have mainly been along the I75 Corridor in Wesley Chapel

Florida Fish and Wildlife said before the bears that were spotted were likely from the Chassahowitzka National Refuge about an hour north from Wesley Chapel.

Experts said the bears wander into urban areas looking for food or the younger bears are forced out by their parents.

FWC said it’s doesn’t happen all too often but it’s not unusual for the bears to wander this far.

FWC said the bears are generally not aggressive however, their behavior can change when they are given food.


The Pasco Sheriff’s Office confirmed the bear sightings, saying every time deputies get close to one, the bear runs away very quickly.

FWC confirms they are “monitoring the issue”.

If anyone has any photos or videos, please send them to

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