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Pasco County Commission Sets New Residential Lot Sizes: A Compromise for Quality Communities

PASCO COUNTY, FL - In a move to foster better-looking communities and higher quality residential development, the Pasco County Commission has voted to establish a new minimum standard for residential lot sizes in the area.

After an intense debate and collaboration between county staff, stakeholders from the building community, and the Tampa Bay Builders Association (TBBA), the commission settled on a compromise. The new policy will require that residential lots be at least 45 feet wide, except in specific instances such as traditional neighborhood developments (TNDs), transit-oriented developments (TODs), or 55-plus communities.

Previously, 40-foot-wide lots were common in the county, but this will no longer be the case. The initial proposal of making 60-foot-wide lots was heavily opposed by developers and builders, leading to a consensus on the 45-foot width.

The decision comes as a culmination of discussions that began months ago, with various commissioners expressing their concerns about the aesthetics of neighborhoods in the county. There was a strong sentiment against having rows of identical houses tightly packed together, with too much concrete and not enough landscaping and trees.

Commission Chairman Jack Mariano emphasized that the decision was a fair approach, stating, “To throw the switch on them would not be the right thing to do. We haven't done in the past, with other things we've changed in the county. I don't want to start doing that now.”

Martin Frame, incoming president of the TBBA, acknowledged that while the 45-foot width wasn't exactly what the building community wanted, they were willing to support it as a negotiated agreement.

The county commission's decision also aligns with their desire to avoid having sidewalks that are less than 13 feet long to prevent parked vehicles from overlapping sidewalks.

Edward Briggs of the Florida State Consulting Group, speaking on behalf of the TBBA, appreciated the options presented, emphasizing the need for quality products that will stand the test of time.

The resolution of this hot-button issue reflects a concerted effort to balance the interests of homebuyers, the building community, and the county’s desire for aesthetically pleasing and functional neighborhoods.

Residents of Wesley Chapel can look forward to seeing the positive impact of these new standards, as the county continues to strive for residential development that prioritizes quality, diversity, and community appeal.

The decision is expected to affect applications that had not yet had their first round of comments as of the board's meeting on August 8. The move to create a higher degree of quality for future residential development in Pasco County is seen as a vital step in shaping the region's future landscape.

For more updates on community development and local happenings in Wesley Chapel, stay tuned to our website.

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