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Petittion to Widen/Improve Wells Road in Wesley Chapel

A Wesley Chapel High sophomore is working to make the roads safer near her school.

As part of Samantha Politano’s Girl Scout project, she’s tackling road safety along Wells Road, which is where three schools – including her high school – are located.

Cars are often parked along both sides of the road – despite several “No Parking” signs – and traffic congestion is a daily struggle.

“As a part of my Girl Scout Gold Award Project on road safety, I’m seeking to get Pasco County to widen Wells Rd. to alleviate the traffic jams that occur every morning and afternoon when all three schools start and end.  I first realized there was a problem when I was in 8th grade, and our bus was late getting to school a few times because of the traffic on Wells Rd. It got rapidly worse during the last school year, with traffic backing up from Boyette Rd. past the entrance to the high school on a regular basis on the north side of Wells Rd., and varying lengthy backups tying up traffic on the south side depending on which school was starting or ending.  Numerous accidents have occured due to the congestion and all the unnecessary idling in traffic wastes a lot of time (as well as fuel) and increases air pollution around the area.  This petition is intended to show Pasco County how many people care about this issue and that widening Wells Rd. would create a turning lane for students, parents, and staff to eliminate traffic.  By signing this petition, you support the decongestion of Wells Rd.” – Samantha Politano, Wesley Chapel

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