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Street Racing Problem Continues in Wesley Chapel

WESLEY CHAPEL - An article by ABC Action News last year highlighted an ongoing problem in Wesley Chapel that continues to plague the local streets over a year later. But now, the gatherings are increasing in numbers and reports of reckless driving on social media groups is at an all time high.

Numerous reports of illegal street racing and car meets in Wesley Chapel area are continuing and residents of the area communities are asking for a solution from local law enforcement.

Groups of 50 or more have been seen gathered at shopping plazas near Wesley Chapel Blvd at Bruce B. Downs Blvd on a nightly basis. A popular spot is the parking lot of the Village Market shopping center (Ace Hardware, Beals Outlet, Twisty Treat, etc).

Other car meet groups have taken over local gas stations such as the Wawa parking lots in Wesley Chapel. Readers have commented that they could not access the businesses due to the gatherings. Others report being run off the road by the groups that seem to mostly be younger teens.

The groups then run races up and down Wesley Chapel Blvd, Bruce B. Downs, and State Road 56 putting local residents in danger.

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