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Wesley Chapel Teenage Burglars to be Released

According to the Pasco Sheriff’s Office, “Two juveniles who had been arrested for breaking into numerous cars in the Bridgewater subdivision are being released from the department of juvenile justice detention facility. Please ensure that you lock your car doors and report any suspicious activity.”

Locals may remember from a few weeks ago when the group burglarized cars all over the Wesley Chapel community.

“In the early morning hours of May 12, at least nine vehicles were broken into in the Bridgewater subdivision, which is off Curley Road and Wells Road in Wesley Chapel. The vehicles were unlocked, and the suspects removed money, keys, and various property. Two white males were observed on video committing the auto burglaries. If you have any information regarding these suspects, please call the Pasco Sheriff’s Office at (727) 847-8102. Pasco citizens should always lock their vehicle doors, removing all items of value. Even if you lock your doors, thieves will break the window if they see something of value.”

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